Thursday, May 14, 2020

Cats and Doors and Roads

One of the few unpaved paths in my neighborhood winds through this small block park, which as you can see, is on the way to the mailboxes.

I had a very productive work day yesterday but it didn't end well with the usual end of the day requests that interrupted my workflow. Nonetheless, I got it ended and moved on to watering the potted plants out front at which time the cats escaped and the youngest almost immediately ran across the street, where he knows he is not permitted to go. Another cat went across the side alley to trespass on the neighbor's property. I was too lenient and trusting with them. I do not allow my cats to roam and this neighborhood is not the appropriate place for that, it being against the HOA rules and city ordnance.

Cats can be trained but it is very difficult compared to a dog and sometimes it's so difficult as to be impossible in the practical sense.

At least I got a walk in the neighborhood in the afternoon. It's mostly concrete but there are a few paths that go through small piney parks with some shade. It's better than nothing in the era of work-from-home.

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