Bicycling the Flagstaff Airport

There is a dusty fire road that circles the Flagstaff Airport that I've been wanting to check out. I found it on a Strava "Heat Map," which shows where other Strava users have traveled. After riding from my house on a series of forest roads and single track over to Highway 89A, I determined that the highway was too busy with vehicular traffic to safely bicycle so I crossed the interstate and found the beginning of the path in an industrial park. It's an extremely rugged "jeep road" but easily doable on a mountain bike.

It offers the best place for plane spotting that I have found. The security of the terminal area makes it inconvenient, but there are some great perspectives on the far side of the runway for takeoffs and landings, all outside the fencing. I got to watch two regional jets take off and one land. It seems tourism is back in session after the COVID-19 closures.

Solid ride. I have recovered from my Special Pain episode last weekend.


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