Friday, April 24, 2020

Friday at Last

I have a screen door on my garage. My youngest cat, Shadow (I know, a stereotypical name for a black cat), figured out how to get through the screen, by sliding under the edge of the "door-within-a-door." This is annoying because the bottom of the screen simply fits into a slot but is not secured in any way to allow it to retract to the side. As a consequence, I have temporarily duct-taped it along the bottom. I will try to come up with some permanent solution that doesn't prevent the door from working.

Now that the weather is finally warm in Flagstaff, I am enjoying working from home a little more, because I have this place I can work and enjoy the fresh air.

This girl is 14 years old today. Ok, we don't know her precise birthdate but this is the estimate.
Griselda (A.K.A. Zelda)
I guess I'm on the topic of cats today, so might as well post this.

Happy Friday to me, and it will be a 3 day weekend. Back to work.

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