Wednesday, April 22, 2020


New house construction has muddied the alley behind my house (not visible but on the left at the end of the alley) accompanied by regular jackhammering. I think they will be finished soon but will move over to the next block to continue filling up the few remaining available lots.

I'm going to start trying to post more regular, daily blogs here to see what it generates. These will no longer be lengthy, carefully composed writings, but just brief notes left behind as a trail of breadcrumbs. I think this will fit in with my new work lifestyle of working from home, which eases the mental transition from work to personal life (or blurs the boundaries). I find myself working on a rolling basis, starting early, finishing late, but interspersed with numerous breaks. I do not think this means I am less productive than I was in the office, but rather it is a resumption of how I used to work when I was younger and just getting started in IT.

I've had to guard against too much sedentary time. The cats seem to feel entitled to supervised outdoor time, the only type I allow, and it has been costing me time for walking myself. The weather has finally gotten nice in Flagstaff, and I am enjoying working out in my garage with the screen door deployed to secure the cats and keep out most insects. We'll wait for the obligatory last snowstorm of the year, which usually comes in May, then we should be ok for a few months.

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