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Embrace The Chaos

  My living room right now. This is only about half the construction materials. I'm busy both with work and in my personal life right now. I can't control work but the personal chaos was something of a choice. I put things off too long and now many things need done. Most of them cost money but I decide to just go ahead and spend and try to catch up. Fortunately I'm in a rare mood for winter. As I have mentioned before several times on this blog I usually get depressed in the winter, but this year has been different. I have to admit it's probably from prescription medication. At this point I'm like "whatever works." I'm moving ahead with plans and juggling appointments and responsibilities. The house is in an uproar as I have ordered new flooring and installation. They are giving away flooring right now by the way in case you need some. I guess the business is down so they have cut prices. The problem is that I'm having to move furniture around and

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