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Film Noir

  By Published by The Minneapolis Tribune-photo from Warner Bros. - eBayfrontback, Public Domain, I'm surprised I haven't written about film noir before now, because it is an influence on some of the movies that I have written about, although I did mention noir in an entry on my other blog about the Blade Runner movies , which are in some ways a derivative of the genre. Film noir (Fr. dark film) refers both to the lighting and themes of the movies. Characters are cynical, worldly, jaded and ambivalent about morality. Traditional noir was filmed in black-and-white, but newer examples may be in color, with an emphasis on shadow.  Modern noirs are usually called neo-noir. The most common storyline involves crime and a private investigator or police detective, however it is not the same thing as a police procedural or a whodunit mystery. Noir has influenced so many creative people in the show business that many different gen

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